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On this page the Logitime Remote Assistance tooling can be started. This is only done on request by a Logitime consultant or on appointment

Starting a session

  1. Click here: Start Remote Assistance
  2. You will get a question if you want to start/run the file or want to save it. Choose to start it.
  3. You can also choose to download it, and start it manually when the download is completed.
  4. You will be prompted for a session number. The Logitime consultant will provide this number.
  5. The session will be started.
  6. The Logitime consultant will give you a brief explanation/instruction.

Background information

Using the Remote Assistance application a secured session will be initiated between the Logitime consultant and yourself. The Logitime consultant will be able to see your screen. You can also indicate if the Logitime consultant can have remote control over your computer and which applications he is allowed to see/use.

The session is one time only and no adjustments have to be made to firewalls, port forwarding, etc. You do not have to install (special) software. The user must be able to use the internet (browse) from his computer, otherwise it will not be possible to initiate a session.

Logitime uses the Netviewer one2one technology for Remote assistance. More information can be found on the Netviewer site.

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