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Access Control

You wish to control who is allowed to enter where and when? You need to know who is present and where? The module Access Control can help you to achieve this in a simple, efficient, safe and user-friendly way.

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Time & Attendance

You wish to have a maximum insight in the hours spent in your organisation at a minimum effort? The module Time & Attendance (T/A) can help you to achieve this goal. The registration of presence and absence is done on the basis of bookings. These can be registered by a badge reader, a PC (WebClock) or by using the planning.

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Production Data Collection

How much time was spent on a certain order? Is the pre-calculation in accordance with the post-calculation? If you are working in a production-based environment these are essential questions for which you will want a swift and accurate answer. The module Shop Floor Data Collection offers a solution. You can work with fixed products for which there are predefined production times. Production phases in steps, adjustment times, produced amounts and collected orders are also supported

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