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“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Therefore Logitime decided only to use the best hardware available to provide customers with the best complete solution available.

Kaba Benzing is one of the leading manufacturers throughout the world for Access Control, Time & Attendance and Shop Floor Data Collection hardware. The Kaba Benzing badge readers are equipped with up-to-date technology combined with impressive functionality, quality and design in each of their badge reader series. This combined with Kaba Benzing’s high standard production process makes them a perfect match for Logitime.

Because of this Logitime exclusively uses Kaba Benzing hardware. Kaba Benzing has a wide variety of badge readers suited for each situation.


Access Control
Highly sensitive operational areas must be protected with an intelligent Access Control system. This system should provide access to authorized personnel but prohibit entry of unauthorized persons. An individual combination of badge readers, subterminals and an access manager provides optimal protection for your facilities and buildings.

More information about Access Control hardware can be found at Kaba-Benzing.com.

Time and Attendance
Each company has different requirements for their Time and Attendance hardware. No matter what your demands are – Kaba Benzing provides the right solution!

More information about Time & Attendance hardware can be found at Kaba-Benzing.com.

Shop Floor Data Collection
Shop Floor Data Collection supplies actual data about states and processes within a company. Personnel data, job data, machine capacity and stock data, quality and maintenance data are captured in a Kaba Benzing PDC/MDC badge reader and transferred to Logitime.

More information about the Shop Floor Data Collection hardware can be found at Kaba-Benzing.com.

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