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With the Management Option you are able to assign categories to employees and departments. Throughout the program it is possible to select by category instead of per department or employee. This enables you to make a report or do a calculation for only a specific group.

Other features are Subdepartments, Statistics and Hourly wages for real cost calculations or invoicing.


The Planning Options is a powerful tool to announce absence and rotation changes in advance.


With the Reception Option you can easily see which employees are present and which are absent. This can come in handy for a telephone operator or a receptionist. The option also indicates when the absent employee is expected to be present again.

The Reception user can also view details about the employee, like his phone number.


With this option it is possible for employees to make bookings on their own PC. The employee can also view certain personal data, provided that he/she is authorised:

  • Balances (like holiday)
  • Holiday record
  • Planning
  • Reports

In combination with the module Project Management employees can also use the SoftClock for Time Justification.

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